Peace be with You 願你平安

Have you been searching for peace -- that which allows you to be calmly at ease in perfect contentment, as if in the eye of the storm, while the outer world around you spins in overwhelming craziness? There is such a state of Inner Peace which goes beyond a feeling or a mood; a much deeper experience that stems from knowing our inner oneness with the Divine. Such deep and profound Peace is attainable with the practice of The Art of Ascension, as taught by the Ishayas.

Ascension is a series of simple mechanical techniques -- based in Praise, Gratitude, Love, and Compassion -- that lead the mind to experience the “peace that passeth understanding” when being used with the eyes closed in meditation or prayer. With eyes open in the midst of the daily turmoil of modern life, these techniques then bridges the mind back to that still, peaceful place discovered with the eyes closed.

This experiential practice does not require or conflict with any religious belief. It involves no specific body posture or breath control. It reaches deep into the core of our being, where Peace, Joy, and Unconditional Love abound. It is suitable for anyone as an effective way to dissolve stress, to re-establish mind and body wellness, to expand consciousness... Ultimately, to discover the Truth of your Self.

Take the time to learn the Art of Ascension from the Ishayas, and experience for yourself this Peace-Full way to live your life!

"Union with the universal Higher Self is easy to accomplish; it is only necessary to turn the mind away from the noise of the internal programming and experience the perpetual peace of the present instant, already present within."

~ Enlightenment, by MSI ~